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ON EGGS means that our breeding parents are sitting on eggs.
HATCHING means that eggs are hatching but the babies are still with Mom and Dad
HAND FEEDING means that the babies have been pulled from Mom and Dad and are being hand fed by us.  Pictures of these babies
are available at this point.  Please refer to pictures for each babies availability.

AVAILABLE means no tentative hold or confirmation/deposit has been received on this baby.
ON HOLD means a confirmation/deposit has been received to hold this baby.
HOLD PENDING means a tentative hold has been placed on this baby awaiting the receipt of a deposit and/or a confirmation in regards
to a waiting list that may be pending, or the determination of sex, whether visually or by DNA sexing.

WORKING THE NEST BOX means that the breeding parents are set up to produce eggs and hopefully babies.
TAKING A BREAK means that the breeding parents are taking a tentative break from breeding.
NONE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME means that we have breeding pairs but they have not produced in quite awhile so we are unsure
when and/or if they will have more babies.
For more information about each particular species, please click on the graphic of each species and you will be redirected.
Gray Mutation (Normal, Pied, Pearl, White Faced)
Working The Nest Box
  There is currently a waiting list on Cockatiels.
Wait time is approximately 1+ years.
Sorry but we are not adding new names
to the waiting list at this time.
American (Various Colors)
Working The Nest Box
& On Eggs
& Hand Feeding
6 Babies

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View Pictures
  There is currently is no waiting list on Parakeets.
Listed below are birds we used to breed on a regular basis however,
our pairs have gotten older and are not producing as they once did.
Since the possibility is still there, we felt it necessary to keep them on our availability list.  
If any babies are produced from any of these birds, their status will be updated at that time...but it is very unlikely.
DNA Sexing

None Available At This Time...
Zebra (Normal, White, Fawn)
Single:  $10
Pair:  $15

None Available At This Time...
Peach Faced

None Available At This Time...
None Available At This Time...


None Available At This Time...
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Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
Closed Breeding Aviary
Located in Frederick, MD
Visits Are Welcome By Appointment Only
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