A poem written by Mrs. Corbett, a customer and more importantly, a friend...
Here is Cricket! She has made such a wonderful addition to our family!
Cricket is the sweetest little baby ever! Her second favorite thing is to have the
back of her head scratched, as you can see from the picture, eating is her
favorite!  Kisses are another thing she's great at! She never turns down and
opportunity to give a "kiss kiss" as we call it. She has started to be VERY
vocal, and sometimes I swear she's talking, just can't understand what she's
saying yet. Cricket loves to climb into my hair and preen me. We couldn't ask
for a better, more well rounded, happier bird! Thank you for the time you take
with each one to ensure they make someone a wonderful pet, I have
recommended you to several people looking for birds and I will continue to do
so into the future!! Thank you again for helping us add such and angel to our
life, we will be forever greatful!!

Brianna and Chris
Adopted by Brianna & Chris
I have had Gizmo (American parakeet) for over a year now and I wanted to thank
you for breeding such a wonderful bird! He truly is amazing, and was completely
tame after only a few weeks. Now he lives with me at college, and actually enjoys
the car rides back home on weekends! He is with me constantly, and I can hardly
imagine life without him on my keyboard.

When I adopted him, I thought that a budgie would be somehow inferior to a
larger parrot, which I lacked room for, I was wrong. Gizmo interacts and plays
more than the cockatoos and conures that my friends own, and has a big
personality for his small size! I am truly a budgie fan now!

While he does not talk yet, he has an extensive repertoire of "kisses" and unique
whistle/chirps that he uses to get his point across. Interestingly, although I cannot
get him to speak, he learned our canary's particular chirp in three days! He is also
abnormally fond of our golden retrievers, mainly because he wants to groom them.
Thankfully, they are laid back and do not have a problem with it! He also loves
"talking" to the outdoor birds, which tend to respond to his squawks. Of course he
also enjoys the parrot pastimes of chewing things and dismantling my keyboard.   
Adopted by Laura K.
Kimmy has been an absolute joy for us.  He settled in to his new home quickly.  He's not afraid of friends and family as long as
mom or I are there to make the introduction.  He IS afraid of "anything that moves" outside the windows, including, but not
limited to, any bird or flying creature, including sparrows, butterflies,  leaves,  snow flakes, etc.  The ole crest goes straight up,
the body feathers go tight, and we head for the safety of my neck.  He's even afraid of his own molted feathers.  I'll pick one up
and show him and ask, "is this yours?" and he heads for the hills.  If he really gets spooked, he'll fly to the great room, up to the
clerestory window and grab the grid and hang there, screeching for ten seconds, then he starts to talk to himself until someone the
grids knowing the glass represents a barrier.  The former cockatiel of the house survived 23 years in the same circumstance,
without any wing clipping, and, I'm going to try it with Kimmy.

He is QUITE the "talker."  His first words were . . "Eat your seeds", and it goes from there.  A typical day might start with going
into his room, and, before the cage cover comes off, one might hear . . . "bad bird" . . . . . . "who likes you?"  I'll get him out
and during the trip to the kitchen area I'm asked . ."what are you guys doin?"  At the refrigerator he ask me  . . . . "do you
wanna drink?"  I'll get a bottle of water and while taking my morning pills, me makes a sound that sounds like swallowing
water.  Then we go to the cupboard where the seed/pellet mixture is kept.  That starts a repetitive "eat your seeds" until we get
back in the cage.

I have him kind of potty trained, in that I'll get him out of his house, something he always wants, take him to his play perch where
I ask him "Did you poopie?"  "Poopie."  He then does the deed after which I say "Good Boy.  That's a very good boy."  He
usually repeats it back to me, or, he'll abbreviate it to "good.", or "very good boy."

If you walk in the room and surprise him, he says "hey."  He likes to say "hook billed nuisance,"  "what are ya doin?",  "okay."  
He makes kissing noises back to me when  I do it.  He wolf whistles.  (mom taught him that)  He makes a beeping sound like
pressing the keys on a cell phone.  If I answer the phone with him on my shoulder, he will babble constantly in "cockatiel"
imitating me having a phone conversation.

A regular evening routine will see a calm-down time around 9:30 each evening.  All mom has to do is turn-off the television and
say "well, I guess its about that time."  He'll look at you for a few seconds, then stand up straight and declare "see ya later !" . . .
. followed by . . ."night, night"  . . . and,  "be a good boy."  Lights out is 'round ten each evening.

He likes mom, but, if I'm anywhere in sight, he'll fly to me.  He likes his feathers rubbed on his head, neck, and face along with a
kiss or two.  If he's not getting any, he'll nuzzle your neck till you respond.

We've tried hard to get him interested in fresh fruits and veggies, but, NOPE, we're afraid of 'em.  We'll keep trying.  He will
munch on the occasional "cheerio." (un-sugared, of course)

I know we had a rough time with the budgie, but, I guess this was meant to be.  We loved our pearled hen cockatiel for 23 years
and we needed another in our lives.  This one couldn't be any more different than the first, but, we love him as much, if not
more.  (I still call him by the first bird's name once in a while.)  There's something about a bird that "talks" to you that makes it
just that much more personal.

Well, I've been a little long, but I just wanted you to know that your baby cockatiel found pure heaven here in Bedford.  He
allows mom and I to love him and live in the same house.  What a deal ! ! ! Best to you,  

John C.
I am planning to adopt another parakeet from you to keep him company in the next year or so. I am applying to graduate
schools and I am worried I won't have as much free time as I do now. I also have not given up hope of adopting one of your
rescues once I am settled in the next few years! Thank you again for loving birds so much, and raising my Gizmo!

Laura K
Here are some of the latest "flock fotos" of my wee feathered friends.  I trust you
Cricket and Chicory are maturing nicely -- you can see from the pics that Cricket's
head barring is beginning to change to her adult pattern and she's starting to get
her throat spots.  It is harder to see differences in Chicory because of his
coloring.  Both of them have begun shedding the clipped flight feathers but no
their proper wing feathers.  Cricket can fly about 15 feet -- across the room -- in
altitude on a vertical flight.  Truly amazing given how hobbled they are without
the flight feathers.

Cricket loves to hang upside down on one of the perches, like a bat, where she can
play with a bell or look at something going on on one of the lower perches.  I
have tried to get a photo of her in the inverted position but she sees me coming
and continues her forward roll so that she's upright by the time I get the camera
trained on her.  Chicory's favorite activity seems to be climbing a long chain made
up of bird rings and bells, looping himself in and out of the various rings and
playing with each of the bells on the way up.

All of the birds make a wonderful choir together that wakes me in the mornings
sometime after sunrise.  They sing as a group then trade off in solos or duets -- it
can go on for quite a long time and is both beautiful and comforting.  Hobbes
used to be the great songster in my flock, but Cricket and Chicory have proven to
be apt pupils, equalling their master.  Their voices are liquid sunshine.

Best wishes,

Flurry until today -- I'm too busy playing with the little one.
Flurry is wonderful.  A gregarious soul and a quick learner.  S/he's friendly to everyone
and cheerfully rides on fingers, kisses people, and is so generally lovable that my mom said
some days it's hard to tell!).  I have never had a bird before that loved to cuddle, but this
one does.  Flurry will let me ruffle his/her plumage.  S/he will rub against my cheek, nose
or ear, coo at my finger (and try giving me a manicure) and nestle in the hollow between
my thighs to play with a toy.  S/he is also quite intent on grooming me -- my nearest ear,
my nose or eyebrows . . .   This is a 100% friendly, engaged, and loving little bird.

Flurry has been quite good at learning tricks.  Climbing ladders, beating a small drum,
going here or there on demand, bathing in a shallow dish I'm holding . . . I attach pics of
Flurry performing his/her latest favorite trick:  jumping onto a ring, which I then move
around, spin slowly etc.  S/he loves it -- when the ring comes out, s/he runs right over and
jumps up on it!  Still no sign of molting or new feathers (but s/he's less than 4 months old)
and his/her activities have made some of his/her existing feathers worse for the wear, as
you can see in the pics.

The other guys -- Cricket, Chicory and Hobbes -- are a delight.  They fill my mornings with
song and high velocity flying.  They're hard to get pics of (since there is so little light in
the winter -- it's a problem in trying to get pics of Flurry too, the birds just move too fast)
but I do attach a couple taken on a sunny day last month that aren't too terrible.

I still have yet to introduce Flurry to the flock.  I'm not sure when that will happen, but I
don't see that there's any rush.  Flurry flies like a rock, so s/he is definitely not up to living
on a tree or anything like that.  I'm also afraid that s/he will decide s/he prefers friends of
the feathered variety and will lose some of his/her friendliness.  Flurry does not seem
lonely at all.  Chicory is still the one I'm concerned about in that regard, but he seems ok
for the moment (though he does have this nasty habit of pouncing on Cricket so that she
immediately flips upside down to avoid him until Hobbes chases him off).


It's been almost a week now since I brought home Bailey so I figured I would give you a little update!

Bailey is just the most sweetest bird EVER! I get him out of the cage as soon as I get home from work and stick him on my chest...
For the most part he just stays right there cuddling up... and looking like he's sleeping. If he's not in the cage, or on my chest..
you will find him exploring my house. He LOVES to walk around on the kitchen/dining room floor.

I am so thankful I found you. And, so thankful I made the decision to get a love bird. He is honestly my little sweetie. I get so
excited to come home from work each day just because I know he'll be there waiting!

He's still not eating the way I would like to... but he LOVES spray millet! Hopefully, soon he will be eating all the nice fruits and
veggies I have for him!

Luckily, I have off for the next three weeks.. so I will have LOTS of time to work with him... :) I'm excited!

Thank you for giving me such a sweet little baby! I love him! :)

for Birdie, our our family since the first day we got them, and are
way too cute. :)   

Oscar can say several words now, and is learning to whistle Jingle
Bells. He can make different sound effects, and all of them are
funny and enjoyable to hear! He always wants to be out of his cage
when someone is nearby, and loves to sit on shoulders or run around
on beds. =)

Birdie is loads of fun packed into a tiny, jewel-colored body. He
absolutely loves to cuddle in hair or cupped hands, and lives for a
head rub. Birdie is definitely a talker, too! He imitates noises he
hears, one of which is the sound of water dripping into his water
container. =) He can say peek-a-boo so far, and practices his vocal
skills all day long in his cozy but fun cage.

Thank you so very much for our birds! They came to us
finger-trained, happy, healthy, and adorable, and we are very

The deWebers
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Closed Breeding Aviary
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