Christine -

Here is a picture of the girls on the playstand my husband made for me.  I finally
got the two of them together.  It has not been easy.  They are both jealous of each
other but coming around.  They are wonderful.  Kiwi lays on her back and wants
her stomach petted just like The Corbett's Skittles - it is hilarious.  I do not have as
many birds as the "Corbett's" but have been as happy with my Maxy and Kiwi - who
knows they may be more down the road for me too.  

Thank you for all that you do.  You are a wonderful person and you do wonderful
things with birds.

The Therres'
Adopted by The Therres'
Well, once again you have managed to get me two wonderful birds.  I was very a
wonderful Sun Conure, Gidget a lovable Quaker and Molly is a sweet and quiet
cockatiel.  Gidget is so lovable like Kiwi, Molly a little shy and Maxy a typical
lovebird, but getting more lovable each day.  I can even have her out with the other
with Kiwi.

You raise the sweetest birds and they love kisses.  We are so happy with all our
birds.  Thank you so much for raising the sweetest birds in the world.

Keep up good work.

The Therres'
Adopted by The Therres'
Drawing of Rikki and Lacee.  

They are both doing really well and we're
really enjoying them.

Cheyenne wants to come visit again so we'll
probably give you a call at some point.

Thanks for the baby pictures - really a nice

Best Wishes-
Gail, Tom and Cheyenne
Thought you would like to see the girls on their "play gym".
We went to bike weekend in OC this past weekend, the girls
stayed home with our daughter. I guess the girls, Tia the
little blue girl and Isabella or Izzy for short the American
White thought they would have a little fun of their own.  As
you can see in the photo they are BIKER CHICKS .

They are the sweetest little birds I have ever owned.  Thank
you so much, they are truly a joy!

The Taylor's
Izzy & Tia
Adopted by the Taylor's
Ricky (the name Tom chose for his bird).  You’re so right, he is such a sweetie!   
Thank you so much for this sweet little guy.  Tom says that Ricky has made this his
best birthday ever.  It was nice meeting you & take care----Ellen
Adopted by Ellen & Tom
Fuego del Borque
Adopted by Juliet
Christine -

Sorry for the delay in this update, I have been super busy with the holidays coming.
My new cinnamon pied is just perfect! I love her and so does Chloe. I have named
her Haley, I think it fits her perfectly and the two names sound great together - Chloe
and Haley.

Chloe is still wonderful as can be and is my little love bug. She loves to get her itches
and kisses from me. She will also spend hours on my shoulder just hanging out. Haley
is also very sweet and loves her itches and kisses. She will also spend time on my
shoulder, but after about 30 minutes she likes to get off and explore things which is
very cute to watch.

They get along great and adore each other - they will play nicely together with the
same toy or with different toys, depending on which toy they are wanting to play with.
They almost always eat together side by side which is so cute. Every now and then I
will see one eating and not the other, but usually it is always side by side. They also
always sleep together really close side by side which I love to see, it is just adorable.
They will also groom each other which has to be a sign of a good bond and
friendship between the two.

They are both perfect babies and I love them dearly. Yours babies are truly amazing
and I believe that mostly comes from you and they way you handle them and socialize
them at a young age.

They are both my little angles and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for such
wonderful birds!

Adopted by Meredith

I just wanted to update you on how Honey is doing. Sorry it took so long. Honey is
definitely a permanent member of our family. She is so cute and fun to watch. She really
likes to chew on her wooden toys. In addition to the wolf whistle that you taught her, she
can now whistle the last 5 notes to the mickey mouse song, and I am going to try and teach
her the Redskins song. My dad still doesn't like her much, but he kind of learned to deal
with her. I just wanted to thank you again for raising such great babies and the pictures
you sent were adorable. I attached some updated pictures of her.

We just got our baby's pictures in the mail!!! We LOVE THEM! Thank you so much! We taped
one right behind his cage so he can look at himself. We named our little lovie "Romeo". And,
like I told you, he is Bobby's bird ALL THE WAY! They NEVER separate when we are home!
visiting you, you have so many beautiful birds, and each one of them love you, and you can
see it!  We will recommend ANYONE who wants a bird, to  come to you first.

Thanks Again!
Jenn, Bobby & Romeo
Adopted by Jenn & Bobby
I just wanted to thank you again for Hitchcock.  He is such a
sweet bird, and spending time with him always brings a smile to
my face.  Hitchcock has settled in well.  I take him out every
cuddle against).  Also, the vet said he was very healthy.  Thank

Adopted by The Halls
The first evening he was a bit stunned, but by the next morning he was chirping when I whistled when comes to
petting…especially parakeets…but this one is loving it!  We call him(or her) “Pretty Bird” right now…we are bouncing around
name ideas as we get to know his personality.

He’s eating tons so you can rest assured that another one of your beautiful birds is off to a good start!  


PS Found that swing at Petsmart like you said…he spent last night on it!
We wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful addition Jacy has been to our
family.  Jacy and my daughter are the best of friends.  Jacy loves to sit on her shoulder
and cuddle while they watch TV or my daughter does her homework.  As soon as she sees
my daughter she will fly down and shake her cage door asking to be let out. She loves to
snuggle up in pockets and looks so cute peeking out.  When we are in the den she will
often fly from one person to another for a few cuddles and hello chirps before flying
back to my daughter.   

Thank you for raising such a wonderful companion.  Your lovebirds are loving birds

The Campbell's
Adopted by The Campbells
I am sorry that I haven't written sooner.  Being a new mom keeps me busy:-)  
"Jake" is wonderful!  He now has all of his crest feathers which make him very
handsome.( He still refuses to make friends with Joleen's parakeets though:-) )   
His toe and leg are healing nicely. He is getting bigger by the day. When I took
him to the vet he weighed 72grams. He eats ANYTHING that I give him from fruit
and veggies to cheerios... everyday.   I just can't say enough good things about

I appreciate all your time and patience with me.  I cannot thank you enough for
my little angel.  You are a Thank you so so much.

S. Rumer
Adopted by S. Rumer
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Closed Breeding Aviary
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