Adopted by The Kelly's

Check out his website -
Just an update... As you know I purcahsed a parakeet from a pet store whom I named Flip and then I got a hand raised one
from you whom I named B-Jay.  The too are getting along well.  B-Jay taught Flip how to eat pellets and in return, Flip
taught B-Jay how to eat spinach, kale, and Cheerios. Every week I give them seed as a treat. The birds cuddle and I never
knew the amazing benefits of getting a hand-raised bird. He does not liked to be petted, though. Unlike Flip who could go for
a back or head scratch. You can't pet Flip on his stomach, though, because he will step onto your finger. Both birds fight for
the swing perch, which is why we had to get a bigger one. B-Jay is the quiet and laid back one, while Flip is the loud one.  My
mom has had a some allergic reactions but we have no intention of doing anything extreme. I told her "If the birds go, I go
too." I can't explain how much I love these budgies. But you probably know, as you are the owner of toos, macaws, amazons,
and pretty much everything else! I do have to be better, though about cleaning up after them. They poop so much!   
Adopted by The Keplinger's
Oh my goodness!  I had not idea how much I would like these birds but I
really do. Thank you for doing what you do,  I sent you a picture to add to
your happy new homes page... It would be kind of cool to see them there.

Thanks Again,                                                                         
The Keplinger's
You will not believe what this lady does to me.  First she takes me from your nice
HOUSE" and she shows me this huge cage - well huge to me.  I start to get used to
the place when my new Mommy decides that we should take a trip to North Carolina
of the way to North Carolina.  I found out that grandchildren are pretty cool. The
really still ones let me sit on their shoulder and that was nice.  Mom and I made it
back home then I helped Mom decorate a "Christmas Tree" - whatever that is.  She
liked it so I guess it is good.  Mom is trying to teach me to get on her finger but I am
resisting.  I just want to crawl on her neck and sit in her hair.  Silly woman!  We get
along really well.  I am training her and she is adapting pretty good. You have got to
tell the other birds that getting one of humans is pretty cool.

I wanted to thank you for the lovebird pics you sent me.  She is absolutely beautiful!!  We love her!  She is the dearest, sweetest
Now maybe Marjorie and I can agree on her name.  We ordered her pet food from PA where you told us and made an appt at the
our questions before we ask.  You do everything so professionally and with such a warm, personal touch.  Your are tremendously
knowledgeable and thank for all the help you have given us so willingly.  You are an expert bird breeder and I know we would
have search forever to find another one as great as you!  We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found you and our

Elaine (Adopted a Peach Faced Lovebird)
Hi Christine,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you so very much for the wonderfully
sweet baby bird we adopted from you.

Jet has been an absolute joy since we brought him home, and has spent very
little time in his huge new cage!  In fact, we have to take turns snuggling and
holding the dogs are losing their interest in him, fortunately!  They were a little
too curious about him at first!  Overall, I think they are just jealous of all the
attention Jet is receiving.

I also wanted to let you know that some of our friends and family have asked
me where I got Jet and when I mentioned you, they all had heard of you and
said they heard good things about you.

Just thought you might like to hear that.  If I was that famous I would want to
know too! :)

The Sanders
Adopted by Patty M.
I attached a picture of B-Jay investigating a shelf. You are a great breeder who
should just keep doing what she's doing because it is extraordinarily great. Thank
you so much.

M. Honig
Adopted by M. Honig
Dear Miss Christine,

I love my bird very, very, very, very, very much.  Thank you, Miss Christine for this good bird.  I love him to pieces.  That bird is
good because when I came in to Grama’s house this morning I got him out and he loved me right away.  I brought him into the
kitchen.  He flew on the ground and he had a p-a-r-t-y with me.  I don’t want to go to school because I want to stay home and
love on him.  I will take good care of him for ever and ever!

Thank you, again.

TJ  (Adopted an American Parakeet)

P.S.  His name is JT.  I hope people don’t get us mixed up
Adopted by the Sanders
Hi Christine!!!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to send you an update on our
little Oliver.  He is doing GREAT!!  He has the sweetest and
cutest personality ever!!  He loves his toys (and he has lots of
them)  and he’s developing quite an adorable relationship with
our dog, Duke!  (always under STRICT supervision of course!)  
Oliver likes to preen Duke’s fur and play with his whiskers!  He
even enjoys an occasional piggy-back ride!   

By the way, thanks for the baby pics!  That was so thoughtful of
you!  It’s funny, I still find myself checking your website every
Monday to see your new babies.  I miss our communications!!  

Here are some pictures!!  Thanks again for everything!  Oliver is
everything I’d hoped for & more!!

The Drummey's
Oliver and Duke The Dog
Adopted by the Drummery's
Hi Christine,

Just wanted to let you know how well Gus is doing at home with Jay and I!  He was
eating by the second day, and said his first post-feathered-coop word by Monday
comfortable in the new little play stand with all sorts of bells and ladders, etc.  It's
made of wood.  So far he just sits on the rope, but maybe he'll take to it.  Either way, it
has become his little perch when we can't be holding him.

You did a remarkable job raising him (as I'm sure you do with all your birds).  He's all
I talk about at work!  So snuggly!  People don't believe a bird can be snuggly but if
they met Gus they'd see it.
Please don't try this at home...Your
dog may not be as good as Duke is...
Hi Christine,

Just touching base about Joey, born September 1, 2006.  He is so happy!  In fact, he's so
happy to see the first one home from work he looks like he might have a stroke or
something.  Very, very affectionate and playful, like a puppy still.  I wonder how long it
takes for parrotlets to grow out of that terrible twos phase - - - oh well.  He has claimed
three plastic drinking cups as his - and insists they be put where he can play with them.
Then he throws  them on the floor - it probably makes him feel powerful or butch to move
He does tricks - he lays on his back (for entertainment and for raspberries), balances on
He is really smart - he definitely knows what no means but only obeys when he feels like
being good.  Usually he is playing so hard, frantic is a good word - flying and singing
back and forth from the dining room to the kitchen.  I just wanted you to know he is one
happy bird and is so affectionate.  Yesterday he offered me seed (sounds gross doesn't
it?) for the first time and I was so flattered (but politely declined)...

Take care!
Mark & Ron


We were playing "side show" yesterday and got this picture of Joey (preparing to
perform before the crowned heads of Europe).  He stayed like that for the length of time
it took to keep changing the settings on the camera, different angles, etc.  When I was
done he didn't get up till I gave him a little kiss on the beak and said "ALL DONE!"  
Then he flew to the windowsill and screamed at me for about five minutes . . .

Adopted by Mark & Ron

Just wanted to let you know how Paulie is doing. He is very affectionate and
playful. When I go to the kitchen, he flies onto the ground and walks over to me.
He really likes the natural seashells from bird toys. He isn't aggressive towards
my cockatiels, but my cockatiels freak out when they seem him. I want to thank
you for all the hard work you did raising these quaker parrots. You really take
the time to care for these birds so they become the most wonderful pets. Thank
you so much!

The Rosales's
Adopted by The Rosale's
Thanks so much!  We love having him as a part of our family.  Something I get a chuckle out of...when we discussed getting him
we agreed that his cage would NOT be in the bedroom.  Well, we've brought it up to the bedroom with us every night so far:)  So
much for that idea.

Talk soon - Carrie
Adopted by the Carrie
Hi Christine,

I can't believe it's been a month already.  We finally decided on a name for our baby.  
Dad (Vincent) who passed away 5 years ago.  My Dad loved all animals, and I know he
would have gotten a kick out of playing with Vince.  He is a wonderful addition to our
family, and it only took Shelly a day or two to become very attached to him, and my 13
year old son, Kevin, thinks Vince is very cool.  He travels with us to my Mom's house to
visit and he has already been to Ocean City once, and we are going to take him again in
a couple weeks.  He gets along great with all of our family and friends - he will step up
on anyone's finger without hesitation.  He is the main attraction where ever we go.  He
loves to be held and taken for walks.  We sit outside on the deck with him just about
everyday.  He loves sitting in the sun, taking baths and watching and listening to the
birds flying overhead.  He also loves playing around on the outside of his cage.  We all
truly love him.   He keeps us entertained for hours at a time.  So far we have not had any
issues - all good news!!!!!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of him when he
was a little baby, he is definitely a very healthy, beautiful and affectionate bird.
Thanks again for all you do.  I will keep you posted with new pictures.

Take care & have a great summer,
Chris, Sean, Shelly & Kevin
Adopted by Chris, Sean,
Shelly & Kevin
Hi Christine,

Just a quick note to let you know we had a great weekend with Kirby.  He spent a lot of time
on Casey's shoulder, ate some carrots and grapes, and played with the toys we got him.  We
are all very happy with the new addition to our family.  Thanks for the great bird - I'll send
you notes from time to time to let you know how he's doing.

Thanks again,
The Brown Family
The Brown's
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Closed Breeding Aviary
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